Special offers

Did you ever think about especially massage? Would you like to try something unusual, interesting? We have escort massage for you, it is quite new service, but trust us that you will enjoy it for maximum. And why? Someone have problem arrive to our salon, because he is shamed or he shortly do not want be in unfamiliar place. This service will be in your house or flat, so you will know atmosphere really good and you can be liberalized. Our services are also perfect in their price, because we want be here for everyone, so we have lots of “price classes”.

New salons

There are lots of possibilities. You can choose from couple programs, it is only on you; you must feel good and have the best masseuse, who will excite you. And why is it important? She should take care also about your intimate parties and you can finish by perfect and strong orgasm. So you should choose the most beautiful girl, who will be attractive for you and you will walk together. If you have some question, do not hesitate and contact us, we tell you everything that you need.